Monday, 30 May 2011

My favourite moment in black library

A topic on Warseer from a while ago got me thinking about the scale of some of the great moments from the Black Library so I thought I would share with the readers my favourite moment and ask for yours as well.

It was a really simple decision for me, it has to be the Emperor of Mankind making one hundred thousand Astartes of the Word Bearer's legion kneel before him while the Ultramarines looked on. Its one of those small moments that really establishes that the heresy was one of the Emperors own making as much as it was anything to do with the designs of the gods of Chaos.

So just a short post but what is your favourite moment in 40k?

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  1. 1. Garviel punches Lucius.  
    2. Tarik and Garviel vs. Abaddon and Little Horus.
    3. Uber's confession to Eisenhorn.
    4. Ravenor and Harlon as twists.


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