Sunday, 15 May 2011

My attempt at a blogwars list

So I dont think I will be going to blogwars but I am going to play against Grazer on thursday with his list so here's what I will use.

Bjorn with a plasma cannon
Rune Priest
Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane

3 Wolf guard
1 with combi plasma
2 with combi melta
all three with power fists

3 7 man Grey hunter squads
all with Wolf standards and mark of the wulfen
2 with Meltas 1 with plasma
in rhinos

1 6 man squad with a flamer and mark of the wulfen
in a lasplas razorback

Fast attack
2 landspeeders with flamers and meltas

Heavy support
3 6 man long fang packs missiles all round.


  1. shame to hear you are not coming to Blog wars, but its a pretty good list nonetheless!

  2. Hhmmm, think I may be struggling against that! I'm yet to finalise my Chaos Marine list for Blog Wars, but the core of it will be Plague Marines and some Berzerkers, and almost certainly Kharn.

    My problem with CSM is always getting a decent amount of heavy weapons in the army - the codex just doesn't allow more than about 10 heavy weapons, whichever way I try it.  

  3. You should come mate. See if you can change Gav's mind too. I'd love to see this list in action. Might give it a trial run myself.

  4. We've got a wedding down south the day before so I can't make it early enough although I will come up and watch a few games. Its a shame.You should come for summer skirmish, sounds like a fun tourny.

  5. Hi mate, thought I'd bettter let you know I'll be taking Eldar to Blog Wars, so if you don't mind, Thursday's practise game will be against them! I'll post the rough list later today. G.

  6.  Sent my ticket request for Summer Skirmish in last night. Sounds fun.


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