Saturday, 28 May 2011

A matter of 125 points?

So my blog wars list is complete and although I know Gav has misgivings I am going to see how 3 packs of missile long fangs deal at Maelstrom with their excess of line of site blocking terrain.

With that put to aside I am left considering my new regular tournament list and the issue of the elite section of more so whether or not a rifleman dread is the way to go?

The first thought I had was to put yet another rune priest in there taking me up to 3. With that I can cover the majority of the board with antipsyker defence and by adding in another chooser of the slain and living lightning which is basically an autocannon. I'd also probably include tempest wrath which gives you another string to your bow and finally I would increase another However of course there are no guarantees that you are going to get a decent amount of shots from living lightning and rune priests aren't the toughest of units.

So another option is an extra las plas razorback to use in dawn of war games for ferrying long fangs where you need them, I'd then have spare points for putting a another wolf guard on my smallest pack. However its not as killy as the dreadnought.

The final option I am thinking of and this is after seeing Tim the head of the ETC team moving over to the dark side of wolves and running Lone Wolves, I could have one chain fist storm shield storm shield and another wolf guard.

I don't have a 1750 point tournament coming up any time soon so it leaves time to think through the options and play test them. As normal I look forward to comments.


  1. Rune Priest is always a solid choice, if you want to just keep it "simple and straight forward".

    Venerable often uses that 125 points for a Rifleman Dread - another option.

    A couple of lasplas's for the fangs (though you'd have to find 25 points, urgh) is great - like you say for DoW - but expendable "cover" as well as - if they survive - late game boxes for remnants of squads to hide in.

  2. I would go with the Dreadnought (personally Wolf Scouts but that's me :p)

    I found 2 Rune Priests was over kill at the Indie GT and I have been doing fine with 1. Also if your opponent brings psychic defence (more likely with GK being out now) Then your 300+ points can be shut down fast - my 1 rune priest has pretty much shut out 3 GK armies I have played against, but it was working both ways.


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