Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Glass Hammer Shatters (aka Eldar For Sale)

So day two of the Team UK 'Singles' Tournament saw me play three more games, resulting in two losses and a draw (against 1st Company Vets' very own Imperial Guard Commander Graham White).

Today started with a tough game against a Space Marine player, which I didn't really enjoy too much, largely cos I was tired freom the first day's games. The second game was a real hoot, as I played James Meikle's Imperial Guard force. The game clocked in at 68 minutes, including set-up, deployment and a ten-minute cigarette/coffee break after turen three. Both these games resulted in losses, but this second game against James' Guard was fun due largely to his easy-natured attitude and our mutually low tournament position.

The last game turned out to be a last-place play-off between my Eldar and Graham White's Imperial Guard. Again, this game was played in a friendly and good-natured spirit and ended the weekend on a high for me - a draw! In truth, Graham would have tabled me on turn seven, but we ended a turn earlier and I doubled my tournament points in one go.

So to sum up, it was a great weekend but a long one. I am now absolutely certain that me and the Eldar will not be sharing a games table again for a very long time, and I am now left with two quandries:
- 1. What to take to Blog Wars next weekend?
- 2. What should be my long-term 'alaac'(*) Tournament army?!

(* alaac = Avoid Losing At All Costs)


  1. I'm imagining you as a Dickensian character walking around the snowy streets of London shouting, "Eldar for sale!"

    Sounds like a pretty brutal tournament. Maybe time to break out Kharn for next weekend...

  2. Glad to hear it was still a good day of gaming despite the Eldar turning against you. Would be a shame to not see them take to the field on Sunday though to reduce the Imperial presence.

  3. Vote Kharn! You know you want to.

  4. Was it ever in question? Now I've officially ditched the Eldar (any offers?!) then there were only two choices - either a makeshift Pre-Heresy World Eaters list using the Blood Angels book and with Mephiston at the helm, or a Kharn-led Berzerker army. And guess which won...??


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