Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Space Wolves in 6th - Air Superiority

4 sleeps to go until sixth edition is in our hands but the overlying question I come to after reading the reports on 3++ and white dwarf is how are we going to deal with fliers?

Lets just be clear here in case people don't know, as I understand it, unless you have the AA special rule (unsure of the proper name) you are only shooting fliers at BS 1 obviously meaning that you need 6's to hit.

Looking at white dwarf it appears that they are setting the scene for dog fights over the battle field, other fliers certainly seem apt at dealing with their counterparts fighting them at natural ballistic skill. The problem with this is that so far we don't have any fliers.

So what can we use to deal with them?
Rune priests with the divination psychic powers have the chance of pulling a power that allows snap shot (which a shot at a flier is) to fire at its normal BS, useful but white dwarf indicates that psychic powers not from the codex are random so its not consistent enough.

Riflemans have the reroll at least giving you slightly more of a chance but its still not enough really is it?

So we come to the only option we definitely know that Space Wolves have for Anti Aircraft duties, fortifications.
Both the bastion and Aegis defence line have the optional upgrade of the quad gun. However I suspect that within a few months tournaments will have banned fortifications as they did in Fantasy.

This is certainly going to bring a new challenge to the Space wolfs game and one that may not be able to be sorted with mass firepower from Long Fangs.


  1. I expect there will be a mod to the Whirlwind that gives an AA option.

  2. I really hope they do give a unit like the whirlwind some sort of AA capability or we left with no other option than to take allies such as Imp Guard to gain access to Hydra's etc which is something I'm not so keen on at the min.

  3. Hi Michael, I've been informed that Space Wolves are very good in 6th edition.

    This is because there are going to be PDF updates for all the armies shortly after release and the Skyfire rules are going to be added to various units for all of the armies.

    In the meantime, an Aegis Defence Line with AA Autocannon for 50pts seems like the ideal solution. It's great for a small squad holding an objective too.

  4. Michael Simpson26 June 2012 at 18:59

     I have heard rumours on PDF's hopefully they are available sooner rather than later

  5. If what Adam says is true, I would not be surprised if pintle mounted weapons get skyfire (always have in Forgeworld and Apocalypse books), Hunter Killer Missiles (would be worth the points then) and as a real outside guess - twin linked weapons or certain units if they don't move. Or even the whilrwind as Brad says again to make it worth it's points!

    There's my guess on that :p

    As for what we know and whats in the codex lots of twin linked stuff! But since your fire at Bs1 and snap fire at BS1 you could move long fangs and shoot them - just for the lol's


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