Friday, 5 October 2012

A Call to Arms

There are a couple of tournaments recently announced that I'll be going to, and I thought I'd share the details with you, the ever-loyal (and seemingly ever-patient, judging by our total lack of posts over the summer) readership.
The first tournament is Blog Wars, organised by Alex of the From the Fang blog. This will actually be the fourth running, and I'm lucky enough to have attended every one. Blog Wars is always a fun event and has produced some very memorable gaming moments for those involved.
The tournament is to be held on Saturday 1st December 2012, at the fantastic Maelstrom Games in Mansfield (UK). Tickets are £15 for three games in one day, including lunch.
The tournament itself is to at 1,850pts, with the special caveat that each army must include at least one unique character. In the past, this has meant me using the Doom of Malan'tai as part of my all-reserving Drop-Spore Tyranid army. This time around it'll most likely be Guardsman Marbo as part of my Squat Guard army.  
This is a biggie! Normally drawing over a hundred participants, the Caledonian Uprising is organised by Tim King and the Scottish ETC team. Despite being a very competitive event, it is also a lot of fun - Team Scotland are known for their partying and the tournament is rarely a sober affair.
Caledonian Uprising is to be held over the weekend of 19-20 January 2013 and features six games over the two days for the price of £35. In addition, Tim is throwing in a free Friday night 1,000pt mini-tournament too, for those arriving early to Mansfield! So that's nine games in total - are you man enough to take up the challenge?
The main part of the tournament is for 1,850pts and is almost completely unrestricted - the only limit imposed is a 0-1 unit maximum on Forge World models with the Interceptor rule.
Again, I'm planning on taking the Squat Guard, although I will need to clear my scratchbuilt Overlord Airships (aka Vendettas) and Termite Transports (counting as Chimeras) with the organisers before I submit the final draft of my army list.


  1. Just baught my ticket for Blog Wars

  2. Excellent, what are you bringing? I want a rematch against your Ork Bommas!


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