Sunday, 7 October 2012

Same old same old

No posts, no 40k, all work and no play makes Michael a dull boy.

So lets face facts I've been terrible when it comes to 40k this year even worse since 6th edition came out. I so far have played one game but yesterday I was hoping to see a turning point. I have looked forward to a new chaos codex for a long time especially with rumours of legions that due to my lack of diligence when it came to the world of blogging I wasn't aware wasn't true.

I have to say I am deeply disappointed by the codex as a whole, I haven't looked into it in that much detail and I'm not playing enough to know what makes a good unit or not, no my main problem with the codex is that it is no different from the previous chaos codex bar a couple of units. I had this grand plan of a Word Bearer army with Erebus leading but unfortunately there are no new Special Characters. I suppose I was hoping for a reboot as we saw with Necrons however that isn't what we have. We have a bit of a polish.

Am I being overly harsh? Would like your opinions as always


  1. Havent seen the new codex but have been abit disapointed with the new models, dont't think they fit with the idea of a chaos marine army and make the old models look realy dated.

    Might have to get some of the Horus Heresy books if you want a Bearer army.

  2. I've not seen the new CSM codex either yet, but I'm hoping to pick it up this week. Since I've only just got my IG army on the table I'm not even considering building another force at the moment, though I have always thought an all-infantry Death Guard army would be cool!

    What is it that had left you disappointed? Is it the new Daemon Engine and Flyer models (personally I like 'em) or is it the army list and options themselves?

    I guess If you're not feeling the 'wow' factor now, it's probably not worth considering CSMs as your new army, as it's quite an investment of time. Possibly better to reconsider Necrons?

  3. I'm quite happy with the models more just that there isn't a significant change from the last codex


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