Saturday, 13 October 2012

Scratchbuilt Squat Overlord Airships

Now that my Overlord Airships are almost ready for the table, it's time to show you all some pictures of the (nearly) completed articles. I've made two, and they will be used in my Squat Guard army as Vendetta Gunships.
As you can see from the pictures here on the blog, it's apparent that the Airships are a bit smaller than the Vendetta/Valkyrie chassis (although it's really only the wings and tail of the Vendetta that make it larger).
My first tournaments I'll be attending using the new models will be Blog Wars IV in December and Caledonian Uprising in January. I'm really hoping that Alex Brown and Tim King, the respective tournament organisers, will be happy for me to use the Overlord Airships as I think they will look cool on the table and really become the centrepiece of my army!
If Tim & Alex are happy, I will finish off the last touches on these two models before commencing my next project - a scratchbuilt double-hulled airship which will count as a Vulture. I think the Vulture will fill a gap in my Squat Guard army (thanks to Ian Lock for suggesting it on the blog last weekend). The Vulture itself is 105 points, and for an admittedly hefty 50 points extra can be equipped with a Punisher Cannon which I hope will be the answer against high-wound monstrous creatures and elite deathstar units which I've struggled against recently.
Plan view
Side elevation
Front aspect


  1. Have you read/found Ninjabread yet?

    Reason I ask is the author, Curis, is Squad crazy and is in the process of repainting (very nicely) his 40k Squats.

    Might be worth a looksee.

    Also he does very funny 40k/gaming comics

  2. Hi Neil,

    I think I have come across Ninjabreaf before - but I will take another look, especially if he is a fellow Squat-ophile. I'm always keen on seeing how other people are breathing life into a supposedly dead and unmarketable 40k race!

    I will be showing off my Squat Guard at the Caledonian Uprising in January, so I'll hopefully catch up with you there if you're heading back to the UK for the tournament?


  3. Graham, it may be worth having an official vendetta model on hand so that if there are any LOS issues you can quickly substitute the model to make absolutely sure one way or the other.


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