Sunday, 15 May 2011

Options for the Summer Skirmish

In August, Tim of Team Scotland is organising the Summer Skirmish, which is a two-day, 13(!) game tournament to be held at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield. What makes this tourney unique is that each player will only be bringing 500pts, with virtually no restrictions apart from:

- No unique units
- No > 2 wound units (or possibly characters - this is to be confirmed)
- No duplicated/triplicated Heavy/Fast/Elite choices (though vehicle squadrons are allowed)
- 1 Troops choice is mandatory; no HQ necessary (though may be selected)

So as I see it, this tournament could be a great way to try out a new army. I've already decided that my usual force of Chaos Space Marines will be given a rest. So my choice will have to come from either the Eldar, the Squats or the Tyranids.

If I bring Eldar, my preferred selection will be two small squads of 6 x Dire Avengers (including Exarch) in Wave Serpents. The plan here would be to operate an alternating Bladestorm assault, with the heavy weapons on the Serpents hopefully cracking open transports so the Avengers can shoot what is inside.

With the Squats (counting as IG), I would continue along the long-ranged theme. I would bring the following:
1 x Ancestor Lord (counts as Primeris Psyker)
10 x Long-Beards (count as Veterans) with 3 x Plasma Guns
2 x Skyhammer Flak-Tanks (count as Hydras)
1 x Skylord Airship (counts as Vendetta)
The plan here would be to kill transports and tanks with the Skylord's three Lascannon and with the twin-linked Autocannon on the Flak Tanks. The Ancestor Lord and the Veterans would fly in the Vendetta, then gun down the unavoidable Space Marines with the Plasma Guns, Lasguns (how embarrassing for our power-armoured chums) and with the psyker's Loightning Arc (2D6 Str.6 hits at 24" should be ample!).

If I decided on Tyranids, I would probably go for a big screen of Termagants providing protection for a decent-sized unit of Genestealers. I'd need something to crack tanks open with this force, so possibly Hive Guard would make an appearance too.


  1.  Usage of Squats is highly encouraged. 
    Any pictures of these?

    Also, I guess restrictions are the norm over there if 4 seems to not be many from how you worded the introductory part. 

  2. Confirmed now, no 3 wound models not characters

  3. Normally, the only restrictions at tournaments here in the UK relate to whether 'unique' characters are allowed or not! This 500pt tourney is a bit different though - to limit some of the more overpowered codexes (ie most of the new Marine books, in my opinion), there are more restrictions to keep the games fair, and most importantly, fun. After all, what else do we play for, ultimately!

    As for Squats, pics will be forthcoming. Most of the infantry is now painted, but I need to paint the vehicles now. None of the vehicles are GW - I have scratch-built two airships and two Termite transports, and I've converted half-a-dozen 'Ramshackle Games' resin vehicles into Land Trains and Flak Batteries. After nearly two years in production and countless mentions on these hallowed pages, they will soon be ready, so watch this space!

  4.  As you have stated mate, its a "Fun" event, not a waac tourney. For this very reason im taking a themed list. Supried on your choice of the dirtiest guard list you can think of in 500pts. Hydras and vendettas lol xD

  5. Win at all costs? We obviously haven't met! Possibly in the hands of a competitive player, but as my tournament record stands at nine games and one win, I'm sure I'll still be down at the bottom tables as normal!

    What sort of themed list are you thinking of bringing, Alex?


  6.  I was being sarcastic mate, sorry I forget that people cant mind read me hahaha my bad. Erm, well its a themed but strong list. Im thinking of a pure Death company army. Its viable as there are no objective missions which is cool. My objective of the weekend is to kill as much as possible. Probably 1 DC dread and as many Death company as I can fit with a few upgrades haha xD

  7.  A full Death Company force could be interesting! For two turns you're going to be taking flak, but after that you should tear through most opposition infantry. As long as you can deliver your troops, you should be ok!

  8.  All on foot mate, should be a laugh xD


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