Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Da Bolts - 11 down, 1 or 2 to go!

I've reached a stage with my Orc Blood Bowl Team where I htink I can put them to one side and say "they're finished", pics below all constructive criticism greatfully accepted!

Now on to the Turn, score and re-roll counters ... and possibly another Lineman and Thrower :)


  1. They look great, I really love the effects on the bases, and the skin is a real highlight too.

    Great work

  2. They are cool! I like what you've done with the bases, I did some thing similar actually but I went extra old school painting the base rim with a nice bright goblin green.

    The painting is simple yet effective but I am not a big fan of the dull grey you have used predominately. For me orcs, are always over the top and extravagant so I prefer very bright colours on them all the time. Bright yellow or red (or a combination of the two) work really well I think. 

  3. I really like that colour scheme - many Orc teams (mine included) look like Warhammer Fantasy Armies without weapons, but yours look like they are in real sporting strips.  The blue & white look great and contrast with the greenskin really well.  What colour blue is it?


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