Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Report: BA vs Grey Knights 1500pts

Mission: Spearhead, Capture & Control

Grey Knights List

Grand Master
Pyscannon, Psyc and Rad Grenades

Terminator Squad
(10) 2x Psy Cannon, 2x Hammer (1xMC), 8 Halberds, Psybolt Ammo
Terminator Squad
(10) Brotherhood Banner, 2x Psy Cannon, 2x Hammer, Warding Stave, 6 Halberds, Psybolt Ammo

Heavy Incinerator & Personal Teleporter

Blood Angels List

Combi Melta, Unleash Rage & Blood Lance

Sanguinary Priest
(2) 2x Jump Packs
Furioso Dreadnought
Blood Talons

Assault Squad
(10) 2x Meltaguns, 1x Power Fist
Assault Squad
(10) 2x Meltaguns, 1x Power Fist
Scout Squad
(5) 1xMissile Launcher, Camo Cloaks

Vanguard Vets
(7) Jump Packs, 1x Power Fist, 2x Power Sword, 2x Storm Shield

Storm Raven
TL Multi Melta, TL Assault Canon, Extra Armour

The Blood Angles deployed their Storm Raven deep in the corner of their deployment zone with the Furioso Dread on-board, 1 Assault Squad went on the forward edge of their deployment zone with the Librarian and a Priest. The Scouts deployed in cover next to the objective. The Vanguard and the other Assault Squad with a Priest were reserved to deep strike.

TheBaron deployed the cheaper Terminator Squad in front of the other and attached the Grand Master to the rear squad. The Dreadknight was deployed off to the left of the deployment zone. The GM gave scout to the Dreadknight and the lead Terminator squad, the Dreadknight scouted out wide to my right and the termies scouted forward into cover.

Then Darren stole the initiative!

1st Turn: no GK units could get into assault range but between the lead Term unit and the DK's Heavy Incinerator the lead BA assault squad was taken down to 5 models from 12, fortunately the Priest and Librarian remained unscathed. In the Blood Angels' turn fire was focussed onto the Dreadknight with the Storm Raven taking 2 wounds off it after a barrage of missiles, then on the charge the Librarian was able to force weapon the Dreadknight before it got to swing, result!

Turn 2 saw the combined shooting of the two Terminator units finish off the remains of the Assault Squad, Priest and Librarian. My reserves arrived with the Vanguard Heroically Intervening against the lead Terminator squad but not before shooting from the Dreadnought, Storm Raven and the newly arrived Assault Squad had reduced their numbers by 4. The ensuing assault was won by the Blood ANgles by two with the vets losing a Storm Shield and a regular Vet.

The turns started to speed up significantly now as the model count was getting really light, turn 3 started off with a barrage of fire-power from the Grand Master's squad taking the remaining Assault Squad down to 6 men including the Priest. Feeling a little worse for wear, the Assault Squad jumped behind cover and took a couple of pot shots at the GM's squad. The Storm Raven moved into position to deliver it's Dread next turn and took a shot at whittling down the GM's squad as well. The combat between the Vanguard and the other Squad of Termies was finally won by the Vanguard Vets for the loss of only a couple of models.

The GKs tried, unsuccessfully to take out the Storm Raven which let the BAs set up a multi-charge between the remaining Vets and the Furioso Dread which did not go well. Thanks mostly to the GM's Psyk Grenades the Vets and Furioso were wiped out in a single turn for only one loss to the GKs. Turn 5 saw the end of the remnants of my last Assault Squad thanks to a brutal charge from the GM's Terminators which just left me to boost my Storm Raven onto the GK objective and cross my fingers.

The GKs were unsuccessful in their efforts to take out the SR in turn 6 and when they eventually wrecked it in turn 7 it was in the assault phase so there was nothing to be done about the SP who had slipped inside before the unsuccessful multi-charge in turn 4 so the Bas walked away with a 1-0 win thanks to the scouts who had camped out their objective for the whole game, completely unmolested and a single SP in the wreckage of a downed Storm Raven.

A TKO for me this time but Darren had me by a mile on VPs and Kps, I mean I had only 175pts left on the table and he had somewhere in the region of 500pts, probably a little more. Generally though I knew it was going to be a tough match up and I think that I got luck in the fact that this is the first time Darren has played the list. Next time I don't think I'll be so lucky and he'll make his DK count, it was a huge advantage for me to be able to take it out without it contributing to the fight. Also I think he would have been netter to use the GM's unit more aggressively as it's a complete beat-stick of a unit in assault and it sure can take a pounding in return.

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