Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer Skirmish 4 tickets left

Morning readers

this weekend sees me, Darren and Graham head to Maelstrom to play in the summer skirmish 12 500 40 minute games purely VP's.

There are currently 4 tickets left and everyone that buys one gets a free pint so if you are interested in 2 days of gaming have a look here would be really great to see a few of you there.


  1. Me and Matt will be there. Well assuming I get my army painted by then. Hope they aren't too tight on 3 colours.

    Looking forward to it. All our practice games have been quick and bloody!

  2. Make that 3 tickets left, I just got mine ... I love my Wife!

  3. Great to hear you're coming along, Andy!

    I'm looking forward to the tournament lots. I have a few days off this week, so I'm feverishly painting up a veritable army of Tyranids (about 1,000pts on the painting table as we speak...).  


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