Friday, 5 August 2011

Da Bolts - Quick update

Well, last night saw the first win of the season for Da Bolts 2-0 against the Calverton Condors (Humans). Here's a very quick update and news-flash.

Played: 6
W/L/D: 1/4/1
TDs (for/against): 6/11
Casualties (for/against): 9/6

Recent Results:
2-2 vs Athel Loren Athletics (match report)
2-0 vs Calverton Condors

Team News:
No fluke as Slash runs rampant over Condors
- Rookie Bolts Blitzer, Slash Spleenspilla, put in another all-star performance this week leading Da Bolts to victory with a match-winning two Touchdown performance against the Calverton Condors. His apparent natural affinity for both the physical and more refined side of the game has got even the more blood thirsty Orc fans talking about the finer points of the game. After the match a fan said "Yer, I liked dat bit where he smashed dat smug oomie's face into da pitch an picked up da brown fing. I fink 'e ran about wiv it a bit after dat which was a bit borin but da oomies didn't seem to like it so it must 'av been good right?". Clearly a tidal shift in the way Orcs understand the game of Blood Bowl.

Full Match report to follow, in the meantime see here for the report from the last match.

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