Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Arena of Death - Arjac Rockfist vs Darnath Lysander


This week in the Arena of Death, we have Lysander verses Baby Lysander...
Round 1 - Arjac on the charge
Arjac began the battle by hurling Foehammer at Lysander. Despite hitting and wounding, Lysnader managed to divert the blow using his Storm Shield. Swinging his Hammer and his Shield, Arjac hit Lysander 4 times but being Grimnar's Champion, he re-rolled his miss and that hit as well. He managed to cause 4 wounds but only one avoided Lysander's Storm Shield. Hitting back, Lysnader missed with all of his attacks and even his Master Crafted Thunder Hammer couldn't help. Arjac swung again, hitting once but that became twice with his re-rolls. Both hits wounded and another made it through Lysander's defences. Enraged Lysander hit back three times and caused two wounds, one of which was blocked by Arjac's Anvil Shield. Arjac hit twice and again his re-roll was successful bumping it up to three hits all of which wounded. Again, one got through leaving Lysander on one wound. Lysander managed to miss with all three of hit attacks for a second time. Arjac only managed a single hit but that became two with his re-roll. However, he could only wound once and that was saved. Lysander only manged to hit once but this time his Master Crafted weapon made it into two. Both wounded but Arjac saved them both. With Arjac and Lysander on a single wound apiece, they could sense the end of the combat was near. Arjac hit once before re-rolls which became twice afterwards. Both hits wounded and Lysander could only save one. With his last breath Lysander struck back, hitting twice but that became a Master Crafted three hits and three wounds. However Arjac saved all three, leaving him victorious.
Round 2 - Lysander on the charge
Lysander let out a roar and charged into combat, hitting four times. Two of them wounded and one managed to avoid Arjac's Storm Shield. On the Counter Attack, Arjac hit five times. Despite causing four wounds, all of them were stopped by Lysander's Storm Shield. In the second round, Lysnader hit twice and caused two wounds. Both of them were too fast for Arjac's Shield and he was left dead. With only three attacks, he couldn't take Lysander's four wounds and so Lysander was the winner.
Round 3 - No Charge Bonus
Arjac struck with three attacks, hit twice and caused two wounds. Lysander managed to save one but one got through. Attacking back, Lysander hit twice but could only cause a single wound. However, Arjac couldn't stop it leaving him on his last wound. Arjac let rip with Foehammer again, hitting three times and causing three wounds. However, Lysander was a master with his Storm Shield and he managed to save two of them. Hitting back, Lysander hit twice and caused two wounds. Only one got through but that was enough for Lysander to be declared victorious in the Arena of Death
Wow, the two wounds that those extra 12 points get you made all the difference. Well actually, the fact that he made a lot more 3++ saves was what made the difference. Both of these guys are going to be beasts on the charge, especially Arjac with a S10 AP1 shot at BS5 and then 5 attacks that hit on 3s and wound on 2s. Lysander though is a bit of an odd character. TH/SS marks him out as a combat monster but Bolter Drill and Bolster Defences are more kind of defensive skills.


  1. The extra wounds really make a difference here...shame Arjac loses out...
    Agree Lysander is an odd chap. Both abilities are useful buffs, but is Bolter Drill used that often?
    I don't run Fists, but I can see Lysander either rocking with TH/SS Termies for massive hammer time, or with sternguard? Maybe podded?

  2. Meh, whoever dies is a win for me. Down with Space Pups or the Banana Boys, we hate both equally. Great hulking, unmovable guys exhanging blows one by one like that is a bit comical if you visualise it. Still not surprised Lysander won, he is a full fledged IC whereas Arjac a mere upgraded sergeant :P

  3. I have a buddy that uses Lysander's Bolter Drill. What he does is the podded sternguard. I swear to god, it's really bloody annoying seeing all those sternguard rip your forces apart.

  4. Great arena of death this week.


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