Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Same old same old

I want to pick up on something that Gav spoke about in him Caledonian Open Evaluation and that was that his best result came against Vanilla marines which is the army he plays against most often and it got me thinking that there are armies that I play against more often than sum.

Last year on another blog I forget the name the blogger uploaded a chart that he used to chronicle his gaming over the year, both in terms of modelling and gaming. I have used this thoroughly so far this year. So far I have 98 modelling points (these are done on a scale depending on the complexity of the model, e.g. a vehicle is worth 5 points, cavalry 2, infantry 1.) I have also been recording my games this year.

So far this year I have played 12 games of 40K losing 4 drawing 1 and winning 7, which is pretty pleasing but my big problem is that I seem to play the same people A LOT.

So far this year I have played Vanilla Marines twice, Chaos Marines 4 times, Imperial Guard twice. I still haven't played Dark Eldar at all and I haven't played Blood Angels or Nids this year.

So my aim before the Indy GT is to try and play more games against unfamiliar armies. Might also have to get a few more codex's (or codices both are valid).

My question to readers is are there any armies that you play more often than others and do you think this makes them a lot easier to play against?


  1. Hmmm I play IG, SW, SM and play alot vs IG, BA, Tau and NIds.

    Between SW, BA. and IG I should be ok for the GT.

    Just need my Deamon/Necron playing friend to turn up more and find a Dark Eldar friend!!!

  2. I play a hell of a lot of Wolves ;)

  3. I know what you mean, Michael - I seem to play with, and against, Marine armies, almost without exception! That's why I've put my CSM to one side for now, and I'm now focusing on my Tyranids and Squats-as-IG. Hoping to get some variation in my gaming too.

    If anyone wants to borrow my Eldar for a bit of a change, they're more than welcome, by the way. Just let me know at the club and I'll fetch 'em along.


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