Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mark of the wulfen

For me along with a wolf standard its a must in every squad of Grey Hunters I use, more often than not you will get a couple of marines attacks out of it and with a bit of luck one or two of them will be rending attacks.

My big problem with it is how to model them, at the moment my marines with MOTW have black shoulder pads and red park markings in reverse of my normal marines however I'm just not that taken with them. I have tried in vein to find the wulfen models that GW made once upon a time but they go for silly money on Ebay so I was delighted with my discovery this morning at Maelstrom games in Mansfield.

Westwind productions make these models as part of their Secrets of the third Reich range and I think they re perfect for those brothers that can be taken by the beast that lies within at any point.

I will post pics of my finished model but until then what do our readers use for their mark of the wulfen models?


  1. At the moment I use the wolf head helmets from the Space Wolves sprue but I'm far from happy with them. I've also been trying to get the 13th co. models but I refuse to pay £10 per figure!

    I've considered various options including the maxmini ones but I'm not really a fan. I think at some point I'll convert them from some WHFB parts but I've got more pressing things on the painting table.

  2. Check this out:

    Pretty nifty huh? Man, I'm sad to hear the GW Wulfen aren't available any more other than ebay greedy resellers. I always wanted to have at least one of those.


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