Monday, 28 February 2011

Trying to move my list on

So I currently use a Thunderwolf list with big units of Grey Hunters, it does fine against Marine armies but against serious tournament players its just not there.
I think Open war is going to my last time using this list and I'm going to change to something a little like this after looking over some lists on yesthetruthhurts.

HQ 330
Rune Priest 100
Chooser of the slain 10
Living Lightning 0
Murderous Hurricane 0

Wolf Lord 100
Thunderwolf mount 45
Power Fist 25
Storm Shield 30
Fenrisian Wolf x 2 20

Elites 179
Wolf Scouts x 5 75
Melta Gun 10
Melta Bombs 25

Wolf Guard Pack x 3 54
Combi Melta x 3 15

Troops 705
Grey Hunters x 5 75
Flamer 0
Las plas Razorback 75

Grey Hunters x 5 75
Flamer 0
Las plas Razorback 75

Grey Hunters x 5 75
Melta Gun 5
Rhino 35

Grey Hunters x 7 105
Melta Gun 5
Rhino 35

Grey Hunters x 7 105
Melta Gun 5
Rhino 35

Fast Attack 255
Thunderwolf Cavalry x 4 200
Melta Bombs 5
Wolf Claw 20
Storm Shield 30

Heavy Support 280
Long Fangs x 6 90
Missile Launcher x 5 50

Long Fangs x 6 90
Missile Launcher x 5 50

Total 1749

Constructive criticism is always wanted, cheers.


  1. TWC don't cut it. I ran various load outs on regular TWC for a while and they simply don't do enough for their points. Against certain builds they'll walk through the army by themselves but against the better players they struggle.

    Guard can simply blow them away as can Dark Eldar, Nids can tie them up with Gaunts or rush them with big things while TAS will quite easily hold them up.

    There's a few things going against them: WS, Ld, Save and Cost. They are all reasons that I chose to run with a tooled up Lord rather than a unit of them for a long time but even he is now being dropped from my lists in favour of other units.

    WS4 isn't fantastic by any means although their high number of attacks offsets this a bit, Ld 8 is poor as it means you'll fail 1 in 3 tests (they don't like Tank-shocking), a 3+ save won't save them from torrent of fire while their equipment costs are too prohibitive to allow you to field them in large numbers to guarantee survivability (if only shields were 20 points).

    The Lord has WS 6 and can always hit on 3's for 10 points, he's got the option of 2 ablative wounds for 20 points and has higher Ld and a better save option (I always ran with Rune Armour). If it came to a choice between the two I'd always go with a Lord.

    As for your list now:
    Scouts - go with 2 or go home. 1 won't work.
    Long Fangs - I have a disability that prevents me from building a Wolf list without 3 squads of these. Moar please.
    Drop the small squad in the Rhino for 115 and you can get another 5 Fangs with 4 Rockets.
    I'd also recommend dropping the TWC for a TW-WGBL, a pile of Wolves and another unit of Scouts sans Meltabombs.

    Hang on...
    WGBL on TWC is 115
    Claw, Shield is 50

    Scouts w/ Melta is 85
    Drop MBombs on other squad is +25.

    Lose one or two Long Fangs with Missiles and buy Fenris Wolves for the TWC guys to run with and try to shovel in a WG with Cmelta and Special weapon on the Scouts.

  2. It will look lazy if I don't finish off with an full list:

    Rune Priest as above
    Lord on TWC as above
    WGBL on TWC with Claw, Shield

    2 x 5 Wolf Scouts with Melta
    4 WG with CMelta

    2 x Lasplas squads as above
    2 x Rhino squads as above

    3 x 5 Long Fangs with 4 Rockets

    The last 50 odd points are yours to mess with. You can go with a big Wolfblob of wounds for the TWC guys to join or you can get the minimum 2 for the WGBL and spend the points on kit for the WG in the Scouts/Grey Hunters. Power Weapons perhaps?

  3. This is Spaguatyrine from theback40k. If you will take comments on your list I would make some suggestions.

    Starting with your Thunderwolf Lord. The 2 fenrisian wolves are a waste for 20 points. Drop them and give him Runic Armor. Krak missles bounce off as well as battle canon rounds etc. Since you are taking a 4 TWC pack, Saga of Majesty for 15 points is a must in a list like this. You don't want to get tank shocked off the table because you roll an 11 once. Nearly impossible to roll that twice. You Lord has initiative 5, the Wolf Claw on him will give him 6 attacks on the charge with hitting most things on 3's and re-rolling something. The power fist should go on your normal TWC. (Don't have to be in base to swing it! 2" from base contact model) Secondly, for 5 more points you should have a Thunderhammer that auto stuns vehicles and reduces monstrous creatures to initiative 1! Spend the 5 points.

    Troops, you don't need 5 troops at 1750. 4 is plenty. If you want to keep the las/plas give them to the longfangs. you could also drop 1 75 point GH and drop a few points to get another Rune Priest with Jaws and something else.

    I also tend to only use packs of 4 missles as quite often the last one doesn't really matter anyways at 1750.

    The Las/plas craze for space wolves is blah for space wolves! We should be in their face crushing them in close combat.

    So in short, you could drop 1 GH with razor, 1 Thunderwolf, 2 missles, melta bombs from scouts, and maybe a few GH here and there and get:

    Another Rune Priest, Another unit of 2 Thunderwolves with Thunderhammer/Fist and Storm Shield, and a powerfist or so to go with the wolfguard.

    Just my thoughts.

    Good luck!

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