Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Caledonian Uprising - Day 2

So after a good start on Day 1, it had all gone a bit Pete Tong. After falling asleep on the sofa, I woke up reasonably refreshed for day 2...

Game 4 - Sean's Orks

Sean had a fantastically painted Kan Wall Ork army with two Forge World Mega Dreads standing in as regular Ork Dreads. He also had two KFF Meks, two big Boyz squads and some Lootas. It was Dawn of War deployment and the mission was Roll Dice and Tie. Which I lost again. I let him have first turn with the intention of leaveraging my entire army against half of his but it didn't quite work out. My Scouts proved next to useless in combat while I used my Land Speeders very poorly. I also hesitated with my charge at his Objective by a turn which cost me the game. All in all I should have focused on keeping my Objective and taken the draw. However, I really hadn't enjoyed game three where we just sat in our respective corners and I didn't want to do the same again.

Game 5 - Darren's Orks

So blogger against blogger in the big grudge match. For the first four turns Darren absolutely battered me. The only highlights for me was when I managed to Jaws his newly painted Warboss and when he caught me in a Sweeping Advance when if he hadn't my squad would have run off the board. However, in Turn 5, he moved off two Objectives in order to try and wipe out my last squad. Unfortunately we'd both forgotten about my final Razorback which was under the table in Reserve. Darren very graciously allowed me to bring it on at the end of Turn 5 and thanks to a lot of luck keeping my other squad alive, I managed a thoroughly undeserved draw.

Game 6 - Graham's Necrons

Graham was running a Destroyer Wing army with lots and lots and lots of Destroyers. It was a Kill Point mission and due to We'll Be Back, I just couldn't do enough damage while he slowly and surely took out my vehicles and racked up the easy Kill Points.

All in all, it was a great tournament that was really well organised and ran. I was completely shattered by the end of it and looking back with the benefit of hindsight I can see that I made so many mistakes. In the end I finished 75th out of 80 which was a little disappointing but it's only my third tournament and I'm still learning...

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  1. Sorry to hear you took such a drubbing. Still, the only way is up right?

    I often think losing games is more instructive than winning them. Learning to deal with the dice and poor decisions is what makes for a great player.


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