Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hammerhead 2011 - Everything GamesDay should be

So this morning Big Gaz (my Dad) and me got into our trusty Rhino and headed to Newark to attend Hammerhead 2011. We had some trepidations because when we attended GamesDay last year we left with a very bad taste in our mouths feeling it was a waste of 80 odd quid and a Sunday.

Hammerhead is put on by a bloke I met last summer when I attended COGS (Chesterfield gaming club). He had told me about it back then, and it has been in the diary ever since. There were 30+ games each one being participation and plenty of vendors, and a tenth doctor who impersonator.

So how was it? Well it was great. £4 each can't really be grumbled at and for that price we gained a free miniature. We spent the first couple of hours wandering through thinking that it was good, there were loads of games that I had never seen before including more werewolves which I posted about yesterday on one stall that I snaffled up. I got into the bring and buy early and got a couple of Celtic maidens which will be used as my Choosers and after a couple of hours we decided we best come home to get to the pub to watch QPR-Forest. I hadn't had any games because I've got laryngitis so I couldn't really have any conversations with anyone but we had certainly had a more enjoyable morning than at Gamesday.

One thing was missing though, Doctor Who. We hadn't seen him all morning, we had also noticed all these lads walking around in World War 2 uniform but just assumed that they were heading outside to drum up trade. However as were about to leave we noticed people heading down another corridor and found another massive room full of games, more vendors and plenty of friendly folks. There were loads of different games ranging from Ancient Britains to the far future, lots of different companies and model makers. It was a really great event. I also gained some magnetic bases from a company who's leaflet I have misplaced but when I find it I will post on here.

The one problem that it game me was there are now even more projects I want to have a go at especially a Napoleonic Army, I first read the Sharpe books as a teenager and since then I have really enjoyed learning about the Napoleonic wars so that I think will be on my to do list after High Elves (although it will probably be pushed back by Grey Knights).

I would definitely recommend next years events to everyone. We will be back without a doubt.

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  1. Sounds good! THere are lots of these indy shows around the country, all free of the cloying GW blinkers we are so used to. I used to enjoy Salute each year when I was much younger (I still have my Salute 1993 badge somewhere...).

    I'm keen to have a look at one of these indy shows in the near future. My favourite aspects are the weird and wonderful miniatures that are out there, and the great participation games that folks run.


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