Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Rolling Thunder Review - AKA Stop the Doggies

So, tonight I'm playing Mick up at WHW (he can't make it tomorrow as he's seeing "them from across the park") I've seen his 1750 list in action a few times but I've never actually played against it so it's time for a bit of theoryhammer as to how to stop it. First up, here's what he usually runs:

Rune Priest
Lord on Thunderwolf with 2 bullet catching Wolves
3 x full Grey Hunter packs in Rhinos
Scout Pack with Meltagun & Meltabombs
5 Thunderwolves tricked out for wound allocation
2 x Long Fangs packs with Missiles & Lascannons

Against this, I'll be trying out my Razorwolf list again. I'm thinking that my biggest issue will be dealing with those nasty Thunderwolves...

Tactic 1 - Ignore them

This is the internet's usual advice for dealing with single rock lists - ignore the rock and focus everything on the supporting elements. I think in an Objective game this would probably be the best thing to do. I can feed the Thunderwolves a couple of speedbump units while I focus fire on the 3 scoring units.

Tactic 2 - Focus fire

Shoot them! Shoot them until they're dead. Now, I think I can just about muster enough fire power to do some serious damage to the Thunderwolves in a round of shooting so long as a) I go first, b) they're not in cover and c) my dice aren't as horrible as they normally are. If I go second, Mick will be able to supress some of my firepower with his and if those TWolves are in cover all those lovely AP3, AP2 and AP1 shots of mine aren't as killy.

So option 1 sounds like the better option - I just hope I don't lose my nerve and decide to start firing at the dogs instead...


  1. I'm there tonight, but playing in my clubs/mates crazy kill point campaign.

    Depending on the mission, if it's KP or 1 objective each nuke the little buggers to hell.

    But keep an eye on your board edges as those scouts could de-mech most of your guys before the Thunderpuppies hit home and then you're in real trouble!

  2. Go for the kill, hope he gets first turn then jaws and las/plas the **** out of them, demech his hunters early so they cant support his wolves, this should leave him with a small unit wolves left so depending on if he has a PF/TH in there charge a dread in (as you would against blood crushers). Just make sure he doesnt get a good combi charge off with the wolves but with 6 las/plas backs i cant see them living past turn 2.


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