Monday, 7 February 2011


So for the last week I've been MIA in the world of blogging, work has been getting in the way of that oh so important thing - having a life.

I failed to play a game last week because of having some major car trouble on Thursday and then going to watch Alfreton VS Mansfield on Saturday. Instead of gaming I've spent a fair bit of time sorting some models, mainly my square based elves.

I know have

1 Lord on a griffon
1 Lord on a horse
I Lord on foot with a standard
1 Mage on foot
1 mage on a horse

5 Shadow warriors
a bolt thrower
a chariot
10 dragon riders

40 sea guard
30 Spearmen
20 Archers

Not a bad collection, the only problem is I have absolutely no idea what to do with any of it.

The first company vets are in the middle of their Fantasy tournament so at the moment there is no one to really take me through the game however it does give me enough time to magnetise all the models and then get some magnetic movement trays. If anyone knows where to get them from can you let me know.

One of the main issues with Fantasy is that it takes hours to paint a unit. I really hate playing with unpainted models however its something that I will have to grin and bare in order to actually learn the game before 9th edition.


  1. Re: Movement trays - if you could fix a magnet to the model's base, then the movement tray could be a simple flat steel plate? Or thin steel wire hidden under plasticard or threaded into corrugated card?


  2. You can check GF9 stuff for magnetic bases etc :

    As for painting fantasy units, I usually put any real effort just for the front rank. Since all the other guys will be standing behind and you can't really take a good look at them I don't bother too much. I would be impossible to paint my orcs otherwise!


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