Saturday, 8 May 2010

Back to the Underhive

After reading the articles by GWvsJohn, here and here and also playing quite a bit of Kill Team recently, I've decided to get my old Necromunda gang back together. The game is a bit more in-depth than Kill Team but still only takes about an hour to play. Obviously at some point I'll need to find someone to play against and it's a bit of a pain that most of the models are OOP but we'll ignore that for now. Now, I've got the old Delaque box so that's an 8 strong gang right there. So, let's see what we've got and see how many credits it will cost:

Gang Leader, Bolt Gun, Stub Gun

Heavy, Heavy Stubber, Shotgun

Ganger, Lasgun

Ganger, Lasgun

Ganger, Autogun

Ganger, Shotgun

Juve, Stub Gun

Juve, Auto Pistol, Laspistol

Hmm, 745. That leaves 255 to pad out the gang a bit. I always used to take some Hive Scum as for 15 Credits a fight they have some pretty good stats and are excellent bullet catchers (in Necromunda you have to shoot at the nearest visible model) which can protect your "proper" gang. I probably need another Ganger though and maybe more Juves since they're cheap but get better really quickly. Next week, I'll put a proper gang together and then start searching for some games. Hopefully people won't mind playing against Grey Hunter 'counts as' Gangers while I search for some models.

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