Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The gang's all here

So, following up from this post it's time to finish up my Necromunda gang. I admit I did have a moment of weakness and considered getting a Cawdor gang just because they have more models available from GW but I fought the temptation and I'm sticking with my Delaque. Now, after some thinking and some research I've decided I need another Ganger to maximise income and another Heavy since now is as good a time as any to get one. Then we'll see how many credits we have left and decide whether to get another Juve or some Underhive Scum. Let's take a Heavy with a Flamer and a Lasgun (since the Flamer has to take a 4+ ammo roll each time you use it so we need a back-up weapon). I'm going to give the Ganger a Shotgun because it's my favourite standard gun. That's 195 of our remaining 255 spent. So, that leaves three options:

1) Leave the gang as it is and put the remaining Credits in the Stash

2) Hire Underhive Scum

3) Get another Juve

and I could make a good argument for all three options. However since more guys is more better, let's take another Juve. An Autopistol is the perfect weapon for it's +2 to hit at close range and that's our gang done.


So, we get 5 rolls on a D66 table. Now, the territory I really want is Settlement. It only generates average income but you get a 1 in 6 chance of a free Juve after every game. Let's see what we get:


Excellent! First up!

Old Ruins

Ah well, win some, lose some. This is possibly the worst territory as it only generates 10 Credits and doesn't have any special rules.

Guilder Contact

Not bad, not bad.

Drinking Hole

Again, another solid territory

Friendly Doc

Good income and you can sell any of your gang that die as organ donors.

Solid in the end rather than spectacular. I would have preferred Tunnels to Old Ruins but you can't have everything I guess.

At the weekend, I'll finish naming my gang and I'll roll for their experience.

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