Saturday, 1 May 2010

Space Wolves Kill Team

Andy's second game finished early today so we popped downstairs at Maelstrom for a couple of quick games of Kill Team. I ran the following:

10 Grey Hunters, 2 x Flamers
6 Fenrisian Wolves

Andy took:

7 Sternguard w/Power Fist

In the end I won both games through sheer weight of numbers. The Wolves were quick enough to get to the Sternguard to tie them up while the Grey Hunters moved into position. A few things about Kill Team in general came out of the two games tho:

1) That Powerfist that is normally hidden in you squad becomes a much bigger target for shooting when he's on his own.

2) Despite that, some kind of weapon that either increases strength or removes saves is needed once you get into combat. We had a Sternguard and 2 Fenrisian Wolves go four rounds of combat because they couldn't wound each other or if then did wound, saves were passed.

3) It's a bit of a pain having to roll individually for every member of your Kill Team when you want them to run.

I had high hopes for a Deathwatch Kill Team using Sternguard but now I'm thinking that if you have that few models you're probably as well to go Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators. Sternguard are just slightly too easy to kill. Conversely, the Fenrisian Wolves did really well do to the amount of cover giving 4+ saves. So, I think a large horde would also do quite well at Kill Team.

The key thing is to remember that Kill Team is different to full blown 40K. Make sure you take out the most powerful enemy models first and wherever possible double up in combat (or even better treble up!) Actually, maybe it's not so different after all...

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