Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wolfy WIP

Okay, so here is another post that I have blatantly ripped off from Andy. Here is what I have been working on last weekend.

First up, two Wolf Guard armed with Storm Bolters. I made the Thunder Hammer guy just because he looks cool and the other guy is for my Drop Pod list

Another Wolf Guard, this time with a Frost/Power Axe. Again, I've not really got any plans for him but he does look good. To be honest the Space Wolf Pack comes with so many bitz it's hard not to just start gluing troops together.

This is a second squad of Blood Claws. I've used the running legs and some axes from some Chaos Marauders. I'm not surprised that we don't see many Blood Claw lists since they're not quite as good as their older brothers, the Grey Hunters. Once these guys are finished I'm definitely going to playtest a list with two squads in it; they'll do well as long as they get the charge.

These are my Blood Claws from 2nd Edition. I've included them here as I'm going to do some weapon swaps and make them into Sky Claws. Maybe I'll do a Blood Claw army - Blood Claws, Sky Claws and Swift Claws (well, once I've learned how to use the Swift Claws)

And finally, here's a Sniper Scout. I only had 5 and thought it wasn't quite enough so here's the 6th member for the squad. His head is from the Knights of the White Wolf Empire squad.

As you can see I'm not just lazy at painting but I'm also becoming lazy at finishing models and undercoating too. I do really need to get some painting done this weekend and I really need to focus on exactly which list I'll be taking to Open War. After all, October isn't that far away.

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