Saturday 22 May 2010

The Hunted V2.0

So, after trying this mission, I've decided to make a couple of changes. These include changing the order of play, adding in the night fighting rule and changing the probability of units coming on in Turn 1. As written, the order of play was completely unfair as whoever went third in Turn 1 avoided being shot and then got two full turns. The other changes were to make sure that not too much came on in Turn 1 and what did would find it a bit harder to shoot (or be shot!) I have also added a couple of clarifications onto just how indestructible the target is.

"Let the hunt begin"


After months of tracking your prey, you're finally ready to strike but it seems that your not the only ones after this quarry.

Army Selection

One player is the hunted and the other two players are hunters. The hunters each select a 1000 point force using the standard FOC. The hunted selects a 1500 point force using the standard FOC with the exception that they may only take one non-unique HQ.


The hunted chooses one of the short board edges and deploys within 6 inches. They may place no units in Reserve. The hunters both roll a D6. Whoever rolls higher chooses one of the long board edges. The other hunter gets the other long board edge. Both hunters start with all of their forces in reserve but may place any infiltrators as normal.


The hunters may start rolling for reserves from Turn 1. Units require a 5+ on a D6 to enter on Turn 1. Any unit that does not enter play in the first turn will use the normal reserve rules as described on page 94 of the Warhammer 40,000 main rule book.

First Turn

Both hunters roll a D6. Whoever rolls highest can choose whether to go first or third. The hunted always goes second. In subsequent turns all players take turns in the same order as the first turn.

Game Length

The game lasts for eight turns. Victory Conditions The hunted player wins if he get his HQ off the the short board edge opposite from their deployment zone. A hunter player wins by having the HQ captured at the end of the game. Any other result is a draw.

Special Rules

Wanted man - The aim of the game is to capture the hunted player's HQ. You can do this by removing his last would in close combat. If the HQ is down to one wound you may no longer allocate shooting wounds to him. Once captured the HQ joins the squad that captured him although he cannot shoot or fight. He must remain in squad coherency at all times. If the squad is shot at you may not allocate wounds to the enemy HQ. If the squad is wiped out by shooting the HQ escapes and is then back under the control of their owning player. if he escapes in this manner he is considered to have 1 wound again and must be re-captured in close combat. If the squad is wiped out in close combat, the squad that wiped them out take the HQ captive. If it is a squad from the hunted player's side then the HQ joins that squad and may act normally from now on (including making a consolidation move). If both squads are wiped out in combat, the HQ is considered to be free again and acts normally with 1 wound. The HQ can only be captured by infantry (including jump infantry).

Hard as nails - The hunted's HQ has the Eternal Warrior special rule. In addition, any special attacks that would cause the model to be removed from play such as Jaws of the World Wolf do not work against the HQ. The HQ and any unit that he joins also gains the Fearless special rule. If he would normally be wiped out because the exit of a vehicle he is in is blocked when the vehicle is destroyed, he somehow manages to get out and is placed normally as if the exit is not blocked. Any unit he is with would be destroyed however.

High Gravity - No unit may move more than 18" in any single player turn. Note: Consolidation moves following a successful assault do not count towards this limit.

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