Sunday, 16 May 2010

There's something moving in here, and it ain't us

Clearly, from Andy's post, you can see that he admits to cheating! I'd have thought by now he'd realise that neither of us are supposed to make plans. Tsk! How am I supposed to play against tactics?

Seriously though, full congratulations to Andy on his victories. I could blame my defeats on bad luck (low Command Points, jamming Storm Bolters, getting one 3 'stealer Blip all game), that would just be covering up my tactical deficiencies. As Marines I failed to get the two squads to join up and I was too busy trying to cover all possible Genestealer entry points rather then escape with the CAT as quickly as possible. In the end I was just hoping to get lucky enough to drive the CAT to my final guy and make a quick exit. For some reason that didn't work either. I had a similar problem with the Genestealers making a half-arsed attempt to kill one squad and then the other rather than focusing on keeping the two squads apart and then attacking them piecemeal.

All in all, no focus on either side; something which Andy did have and so two deserved victories.

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