Thursday, 13 May 2010

More from the Painter's Table

More work from my painting table. Here are the next two stages of the work on my Ork Warboss. First off this is the wash stage straight after the base coat, I used blue wash over the blue metalic areas and a sepia wash over the bronze areas. After that I washed the whole model with a heavy black wash:

First highlights are next, basicaly this is just knarloc green over the flesh areas and mithril silver over all the metallic areas. In places where I've accidentally over-highlighted I wash with an appropriate colour to tone the colour back down again, this is most visible on the cloth hanging from his waist:

Finally I've done a little conversion on a Sternguard with a Lascannon thanks to a unit Gav inspird me to shoehorn into a list. More to come on that later but this model was a very basic kit-bash with a little shaving here and there and guitar wire to replace the pipe work I had to trim off to adjust the pose. Paint job to follow:

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  1. I knew I shouldn't have pointed out that Sternguard get cheap Lascannons! Nice paint job on the ork tho, hopefully we'll be seeing more of him and less of the Sternies :-)


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