Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hobby and MDF

Been a little while since my last post so what have I been up to? Well firstly we played Gav's new mission 'The Hunted' last Thursday, it ended up in a draw despite Graham's Eldar (the hunted) being taken off the board in about three turns, except his farseer hq of course. I probably could have won but I made a few silly mistakes and Graham's farseer was running like his hair was on fire!

On Saturday I went to Homebase and picked up some timber with a view to building a game board. Sadly they didn't have any plywood that was thick enough so I went for MDF, the downside to this is that the 4x4 sections are going to be HEAVY! At least they should last a good while though. I'm planning to build the table with some family help this weekend so watch this space for pictures.

Finally a slight digression into computer games. My friend Tee came up from London and he never fails to Jedi-mind-trick me into buying computer games. So the result of this particular visit was the swelling of my collection to include Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age - Origins and Supreme Commander 2. I just started ME2 and am really enjoying it, so much so that I really had to tear myself away from it to get some painting done which I need to get on with as Open War 13 is this weekend. More on that in a future post.

-- Andy, posting on the go.

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