Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Arena of Death - On Tour

Normally, the Arena of Death is a solitary affair, me against myself. However, last week we had a big game and we ended up with a natural Arena of Death as Mephiston charged into Logan Grimnar.

Round 1 - Mephiston on the charge

Mephiston levelled his Plasma Pistol at Logan and his squad but it overheated as he tried to fire. As he charged into Logan, he cast the Sanguine Sword on himself and also manage to transfix Logan with his gaze. With all of his re-rolls he managed to cause five wounds on the Great Wolf. However, thanks to his Belt of Russ, only two managed to get through. Gripping his the Axe Morkai in both hands Logan counter attacked. Only needing 3s to hit due to his Wolf Tooth Necklace, Logan proceeded to hit five times and wound with all five killing the so called Lord of Death.

Don't get me wrong, I thought that Mephy would cut down Logan before the Chapter Master got to strike but in the end it all came down to the invulnerable save - Grimnar has one, Mephiston doesn't. As I said the other week, in regard to The Swarmlord and The Sanguinor, I feel that characters like Mephiston are better suited to wiping out squads rather than trying to kill other characters that can possibly kill them back.


  1. I remember killing mephiston with 12 Boyz. That was cool. If he gets a lot of high strength attacks back he will usually fail.

  2. Logan and certain other EW special characters are probably Mephiston's worst matchup. Where Mephiston gets scary against your average IC without EW is that he could be striking at S10; or if even a single wound gets through you can be hit with instant death via force weapon. Ragnar for example would probably get smoked without ever getting a chance to swing back.

  3. Yes, he'd definitely cut Ragnar down and I dread to think what he'd do to Thunderwolves...

  4. Wow, that's good going. He's definitely going to struggle against mass Power Klaw attacks coming back at him.

  5. I think I was lucky because for 2 turns almost all the PK attacks hit and got another lucky wound off him with the boys. It was down to him not killing the boyz fast enough to get to the Nob.

  6. A cruel anti-Meph trick is a Broodlord with Adrenal glands, toxin sacs and implant attack. If you get the charge, you are hitting at I8, str6 (for poison rerolls) and given the rending/instant death combo any roll of a 6 is goodnight mephiston.

    Or any other non EW multi-wound model of t6 or less.


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