Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Combi-Flamers Redux

I was pretty happy with the Combi-Flamer I made last week but it wasn't quite perfect and that was really borne out by the comments on that post. I took the Flamer and turned it through 90 degrees. Then added the fuel canister from the Hand Flamer to end up with this:

which I think makes it look a lot better.


  1. That really does look good. Now stick it on a model and paint it up! :D

  2. Did you cut that in half? One of the things I have thought of doing with my build is spliting the fuel canister and applying it in a similar fashion to yours, with a half on each side of the bolter.

  3. Ooh, that would look good. I left mine whole but filed down one side slightly so that it fitted flush against the Bolter.


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