Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Arena of Death - The Swarmlord vs Mephiston


They always say, "give the people what they want" Well, the people want Pacquiao vs Mayweather, Haye vs Klitschko and it was evident from last week, that people want Mephiton vs The Swarmlord. So, withoiut further ado, let's open the Arena of Death

Round 1 - Mephiston on the charge

Mephiston leveled his Plasma Pistol and even though he hit The Swarmlord, he failed to wound. He closed his eyes and attepted to cast The Sanguine Sword. Despite the presence of the Shadow of the Warp, he managed to get the power off. He also tried to cast Unleash Rage but he failed. With his 6 attacks, he managed to hit The Swarmlord 3 times, with all 3 wounding due to The Sanguine Sword giving Mephiston S10. The Swarmlord's Bone Sabres moved swiftly and he managed to block 2 wounds. With his sword stuck between two of The Swarmlord's ribs, Mephiston focused all of his psychic powers through his Force Weapon and killed The Swarmlord.

Round 2 - The Swarmlord on the charge

The Swarmlord begun his attack by trying to cast Paroxysm and Psychic Scream at Mephiston. Mephiston managed to cancel Paroxysm with his Psychic Hood but the Scream go through. Mephiston managed to roll a 4 and a 6 and so escaped unharmed. Once again, Mephiston manged to cast The Sanguine Sword but failed with Unleash Rage. Again, he hit three times but only managed to wound The Swarmlord twice. This time The Swarmlord managed to block both attacks with his Bone Sabres. The Swarmlord struck back with his 5 attacks, hitting 4 times and wounding with 3 of those which left Mephiston dead due to the power of the Bone Sabres.

Round 3 - No charge bonuses

For the first time Mephiston failed to cast The Sanguine Sword but he did manage to get Unleash Rage. He needed the re-rolls as he initially missed with 3 of his attacks. However, after the re-rolls he had managed to hit with all 5. Needing 4s to wound, Mephiston ended up with four 2s and a 3! Seeing his chance The Swarmlord hit Mephiston twice and wounded with both, killing him outright.

So, 2-1 to The Swarmlord. In the end it came down to the Shadow in the Warp and the fact that Swarmy has an invulnerable save and Mephy doesn't. Of course if The Swarmlord had been an Independent Character rather than a Monstrous Creature then Transfixing Gaze would definitely have swung things in Mephiston's favour...

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  1. (Wipes a tear from his eye at the beautiful sight of Mephiston being stomped down-- twice-- in close combat).


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