Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Combi-Flamers

Hmm, Tuesday Tutorial sounds like a regular feature. Well, I can't promise that it will be but I can talk through how I've made a Combi-Flamer. So, I came up with a list that requires two Combi-Flamers. I got one from Forge World and then I saw this awesome Combi-Melta tutorial on Space Wolf Grey. So I thought what would happen if I used a Hand Flamer instead of the Inferus Pistol:

This is using the old Hand Flamer from the 1992 close combat sprue but I'm sure that similar results can be achieved with the new Blood Angel one. Now this bit is identical to the SPG tutorial where we trim off the barrel from the Bolter and the front from the Flamer:

Initially, they were going to be this way round, with the Flamer part on top but after dry fitting, it didn't look quite right so I put the Flamer on the bottom. So, without further ado, here is the final product next to the official GW one:

I think mine is the bottom one. Only kidding! Right, now I just need to make another Combi-Melta...


  1. Interesting. I think it looks a little bit awkward because it appears to dangle below the grip. It's possible that a newer Hand Flamer bit would look better. Or maybe it's just the angle of the picture.

  2. I did make a combi flamer (http://spacewolfgrey.com/?p=75) but haven't written anything up for that part because I'm not 100% happy with how it came out. I think maybe I should have removed the pilot flame piece and repositioned or removed the prometheium canister. The one is in fact using the new hand flamer model.

  3. I agree with Ash, I think some green stuff cables are required.



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