Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dreams of Commorragh...

I have a bit of a problem....I really really really want to start (and preferably finish) a Dark Eldar army for two reasons. The first is that the new models are "the Sex", simple as! The second is that they play very differently from my current two armies (Orks and "Witch Hunters"). However, I have lied to you all....there are in fact three reasons..but the third makes me sound a little...crazy. Basically since my University days and during my Naval career my call sign/nickname was always "TheBaron" (I'm not going to go into why)...and guess what, they have someone with the same name who I can use to lead my army....yay...!

However, here is my problem...I have several armies I'm currently working on and can't really justify starting a new one, without getting the others finished and onto the table at least once! So here is the plan:

The Plan

I'm going to paint some minis....

Well its a bit more complex than that, but thats ultimately what it boils down to. To help achieve this a number of things need to fall into place. Firstly...stop playing so much WoW. Secondly, come up with a system to keep me motivated. Thirdly, prove to you all on a weekly/monthly basis that I'm "staying clean" and hitting my goals.

As far as the system goes I've got two ideas:

a) Paint a mini per day (on average) in 2011 - 365 minis at the end of the year should see me finish my Nids/Word Bearers and Crxy while putting a dent into a Skaven force.

b) Paint 15pts worth of minis per day (on average) - this will see me finish a 1750pt Nid army, a 1750pt Dark Eldar army, a 750pt Word Bearer Doubles force and a 2400pt Skaven army.

So thats what I'm thinking for the New Year, in the mean time I need to finish my 35pt Cryx list for the first weekend of Jan...and also learn how to play Warmachine....Then the Word Bearers need to be complete by mid Feb which working to the 15pt per day plan gives me 50 days to stay on the curve...which seems pretty spot on!

Let me know your thoughts...


I rolled: 7 (5/2)


  1. I want to see some pics of your word bearers ASAP.

  2. I wouldn't hold out any hopes on seeing them this side of new year. As I said the Cryx are on top of the pile atm. But they are a close second...along with the Dark Eldar mini for the club and the squad/diorama project I've still gotta work out!

  3. I think its got to be WoW or painting but not both. I used to play EVE-O but I'd never manage both without my fiancee leaving me!

    Looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing if u stick to your targets!

  4. One of the things I've done for motivation for getting armies done (or repainted in my SW case) is to write up specific army lists and use those as a guide to what models I am going to work on. The payoff at the end of course a fully painted list and additional other models in the army all of a sudden don't look nearly so daunting of a task to complete.


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