Monday, 6 December 2010

Heresy I say

I am awaiting the Emperors mercy from our fearless leader for refusing an order. Last week like Gav I was to discuss how my list was being bumped up from 1000 to 1500 points but I'm not going to do that mainly because I don't want to give my opponents a heads up. So instead I thought I would write about how I think my oath for this year as gone.

As I said in my first post on here back in October, after reading a copy of White Dwarf from last year I pledged an oath to the gaming gods that I would endeavor to play a game a week for the whole year. I also mentioned that after a good start I failed due to ending up in hospital after I had strayed to close to the Eye of Terror and mutation set in which led to an organ attacking me.
After a close run thing I recovered after some work from the Mechanicum, Irongut Straken they should call me and I set about renewing my oath.

Since the 18/3/2010 I have played a total of 45 games against opponents of varying skill. Up until 2 Thursdays ago I had played at least one game every week however some weeks more. I have met Guard and Vanilla marines, most often with 7 battles each. The Xenos races the Necrons and Eldar follow with 6 devastating meetings. Next comes those sons of chaos the Blood Angels and Chaos marines with 4 a piece. I have seen 3 minor skirmishes with my brother wolves over alw and I have met Dark Angels, Nids and Demons twice each. Those xenos scum the green skin and Tau have only come into my bolter sights once each.

During that time I have amassed a win percentage of 62% (which I admit was bolstered by attending a club who have players of a much lower standard than the First Company Vets)

I do think over time I have got to know my army much better and it has led me to become a much better player. Its not as simple as having a trick pulled against you and realising you shouldn't do that again as I found out at open war but it certainly is a learning process. For example in my first 30 games I never once popped smoke completely forgetting about it. I now never forget it, 4+ save on your vehicles is invaluable.

Next years oath is going to have a fantasy theme I feel, I am going to learn how to play fantasy and have a fully painted army by the end of the year.


  1. Okay, I'll let you off, you can write that article after you've played your next two games. I was more interested in how you build your lists rather than the exact make-up of the list. Would you have added an extra 500 points to your 1K list or started from scratch. The reason I asked is because that was one of the big problems I had when I was first building my lists from 1000 to 1500 and especially from 1500 to 1750. All I was doing was adding extra units without really thinking about how the whole army would function at the higher points level.

    Anyway, onto the article at hand. Congratulations at playing so many games! I thought I was doing well playing once a week. I'm looking forward to some square base love on the blog soon...

  2. The hardest thing about playing Fantasy is telling your parents you're gay.

  3. So when you getting the square bases out then?

  4. Andy doesn't play square bases, he just "helps them out when they're busy" ;-)

  5. I was thinking about a High Elf army actually ... Damn it!

  6. Ill have to show you the squad of bloodletters I did where they are based directly onto washers and then the bases are magnetised


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