Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gav will never get to light up that cigar

So as you saw here last night Gav and I descended on Warhammer World because tonight I shall be at the home of football.

As you can see Gav pondered how to deal with my Thunderwolves. His plan was to ignore them and for the first turn it went perfectly. I have never seen a turn of shooting like it, 10 long fangs, 6 las cannons and 2 rifleman dreads and the only thing that missed was 1 shot from a rifleman dread which he then got to reroll. I had lost 2 rhinos, 1 was immobilised, a long fang pack was walking, my rune priest unit was pinned and all in all I thought I was on for a third turn tabling.

In my turn of shooting I managed to take out a weapon on a razorback but it was looking bad. However at this point Gav stopped being a Hannibal and turned into Murdoch and decided that my Thunderwolves were getting too close. He fired everything at them and managed to take a couple of wounds off a couple and kill one of my thunderlords pet dogs which pissed him off.

From there I was able to snatch a win although it was a bit of to and fro. Its hard to play the list that Gav plays without a doubt and as we discussed I can certainly see why it is preferred by Americans at the bigger points level they play.


  1. Those Thunderwolves can really soak up a lot of firepower. Annoying just isn't the right word for units that make you want to scream and tear your hair out!

  2. First things first, Anfield used to be the home of football but then we moved...

    Argh! I should have stuck with the plan. I think I was surprised that the first turn went so well. It was a great game tho, really close on the Objectives and if I'd have stuck to my plan it would have been a lot closer on VPs. Ah well, next time Mick, next time!

  3. 6 Lascannons, 8 Krak Missiles, 8 Autocannon shots, 4 rapid firing Boltguns and a Meltagun and I killed a Fenrisian Wolf and did one other wound. Sad panda.

  4. I'll have to give you guys a game some time.


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