Monday, 13 June 2011

The 2 FAQ points that mean something to Wolves - reader input required

So new FAQ time and here are the two points that I think will have something to do with us

the first is simple

Q: Are Wounds from Dangerous Terrain tests allocated
in the same way as shooting attacks? (p14)

A: No. Each model moving through dangerous terrain
must take a test. Each model that fails takes a Wound

I do try and emphasise to opponents that that's how it is played however some people still insist on taking it on the squad and then allocating so its nice to be clear on this one.

The second is this one from the Grey Knights FAQ

Q: What counts as a Daemon? (p21)
A: Everything in the Chaos Daemons codex, Daemon
Princes, Possessed Chaos Space Marines, Obliterators,
summoned greater Daemons, summoned lesser
Daemons, any vehicle with the daemonic possesion
upgrade, Daemonhosts, Mandrakes, Kheradruakh the
Decapitator, the Avatar.

The reason I think this counts is that I have had debates at tournaments about what classes as a daemon with opponents who are generally using Greater Daemons from the chaos codex, does a Rune Priest wound on twos RAI I think yes but there is the space for a bit of lawyering that some do seem to enjoy.

So what do you think Claws and Fists readers as a Wolf player can I point to this section and tell them what constitutes a daemon even though it isn't from my FAQ?? Can my Rune Priest now wound oblits on twos??

As always your contributions are most appreciated.


After reading this on Sons of Sanguinius here I had to add it in

Q: What psychic powers count as psychic shooting
attacks? (p50)
A: Any psychic power with a profile like that of a
ranged weapon (i.e. has a range, strength and AP
value) and any psychic power that specifically states
that it is a psychic shooting attack.
Q: Do psychic shooting attacks need to roll to hit? (p50)
A: Yes.

So suddenly you have to hit with Jaws which is specifically stated to be a psychic shooting attack? Really GAHHHHH


  1. It actually annoyed me when people just go "nope its not a demon". So your greater demon is not a demon? what is it, a bunny?

    Case and point, last Thursday I was rocking my GK's - the guy at the beginning of the game says "at least you dont get preferred enemy vs my Demon Prince!" to which I replied "yeah enjoy that while it lasts ...." - he got 4 days.

    But yeah - that really isn't a GK Specific FAQ - its something that will have been asked by so many GK players they chose to address it in that PDF - its reclassifying other codexes for the sake of preferred enemy - its not codex specific to GK's. Not at all. Its hard to put it in the main rule book FAQ and would be a waste of time and effort to update all the other FAQ's with that one little bit.

  2. I'm glad they ruled on daemons also. It annoyed me to no end when I'd get to a tournament and some WAAC tried to claim my summoned daemons and lash GD were daemons when the rules were very clear on the subject.

    I always gave low sportsmanship score to that kind of rules lawyering crap, TFG's deserved it.

  3. Venerable Brother13 June 2011 at 19:56

    What about all psychic shooting attacks needing to hit? JotWW? Now needs a 3+ to hit too...?

  4. 2+ with a chooser but still a big change.

    I just read that on your blog hence the small edit.

  5. ...and what about Murderous Hurricane which says "The target unit takes 3D6 Strength 3 hits with AP-".  Do we now have to roll for those "hits" as well, because then they wouldn't be hits to begin with?


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