Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Muderous Hurricane needs to roll to hit - thats not even RAW its just stupid

So yesterday on Bolter and Chainsword as the news broke about the FAQ and its implications for Jaws a poster said that this also would be the case for Murderous Hurricane.

In essence you would need to roll to hit and then roll 3d6 to see how many hits you had.

Personally I see no sense in this.
Yesterdays FAQ was very simple, you need to roll to hit for a psychic power.
Murderous Hurricane says in the codex that you get 3d6 hits so in fact you are rolling to hit.

That is how I will play it until either GW or a tournament organiser tells me any different in a rules pack but as always I value our readers input.


  1. I have to say I always felt that rolling to hit was what was intended but I played it as written because you can't really argue with how it's written in the codex, it certainly implies it auto hits.

    Considering your Priest is going to be at BS5 most of the time this really isn't much of a nerf.

  2. I've always played that you take the test, if you pass you roll 3D6 and the number that comes up is how many hits.  Then roll to wound, and let my opponent take saves.

    As Codex trumps rule-book, I think I'll continue to play it that way until I'm forced to do it another way.  Also, if you do have to roll to hit, do you roll 1D6 to see if you hit, then roll the 3D6, or do you roll 3D6, then roll that many dice to see how many of your "hits" actually hit?

  3. I can think of no other occasion in 40k where you roll to hit twice which this would be.

    While the GK FAQ seems to have been well recieved the rule book one seems to have caused issues where there have never been them before.

  4. Because my english comprehension is poor I assumed that it was played like Living Lightning, you test, you roll 3D6 to see how many "shots" you get then roll to hit per shot. Obviously that's not how it's written in the codex though.

    With the FAQ I assume you would roll to see iff te hurricane hits the target unit and then roll to see how many hits the hurricane inflicts on the target unit. It's not rolling to hit twice since there's only one roll you can fail.

  5. Following this FAQ and looking at the wording in the Space Wolf FAQ (which mentions Murderous Hurricane missing), then unfortunately, we're now going to have to start rolling to hit.

    However, I would say that since the power doesn't have a "weapon profile" (unlike Living Lightning and Fury of the Wolf Spirits that do), then you'd roll once to hit and then so 3D6 hits.

    As an aside, I also think that we're going to have to start rolling to hit the first guy in the line for Jaws of the World Wolf now too.

  6. Niels Quaade Jensen14 June 2011 at 13:00

    Zoanthropes have to roll first psychic test, then BS/Scatter, in effect, having to make 2 to hit rolls.

    I don't see the change to Murderous Hurricane being that much different.
    Roll Psychic test, roll to hit, roll the number of hits.

  7. Jaws I agree because the codex mentions nothing of hitting automatically, I would still argue against murerous hurricane because there is a specific statement, it is a power that automatically hits.
    We will have to wait and see if GW FAQ their FAQ.

  8. I personally have always rolled to hit for the first model with jaws and for hurricane I've rolled to see how many shots I get. Then I roll to hit and wound for how ever many hits I got.

    I don't like the idea of black and white hit or miss with the power. The way I do it makes sense to me. Psychic shooting attacks unless it's stated differently are just like guns but you do a psychic test to see if you can use them.

  9. No, you've inferred that it automatcally hits because the description says it does 3D6 hits. The Space Wolf FAQ explicitly states that the power still effects a unit even if it misses ergo there must be a roll to hit somewhere.

    We've had a good couple of years where we've taken advantage of GW's poorly worded rules but now they've closed that loophole. 

  10. It's weird, you were the first person I ever saw play Jaws like that. We all argued that it didn't have a weapon profile so you didn't have to roll to hit (which ironically enough is actually covered by this new FAQ!) Turns out you were right though :o)

  11. Rolling to hit is not the same thing as rolling hits.

    However, having to roll to hit at all is rather silly, it's just a poor implication of the FAQ, which they will hopefully fix quickly like the did the Counterattack/Furious Charge thing.

  12. It doesn't say it hits automatically, it says it causes a particular number of hits-m very different things.

    It does have a weapon profile, it just doesn't use the normal profile box- it lists a range, strength, AP, etc for it, just like for a ranged weapon.

  13. That's probably the more sensible way to play it, since it's clearly what was originally intended.

    However, if you play it RAW, you roll once to see if the power hits (using your BS) and then if it does, you roll 3d6 for how many times.

  14. Murderous Hurricane is a random number of hits, which is distinct from Living Lightning, which is a random number of shots.

  15. I got rules lawyered at a tournament so that's why I do it.

  16. Jaws doesn't cause wounds, so it shouldn't require a roll to hit, right?


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