Friday, 17 June 2011

Rise of the Tervigon

As you may already have guessed, I have recently began building the first of two Tervigons for my new Tyranid army. Now, I am not one for following the masses, so I have decided rather than converting a Trygon or Carnifex, I will scratch-build my own unique model.

Until I build the second.

Then the first one won't be quite as unique.

Anyway, I digress (it's late, it's Friday, I've been building furniture til 10.30pm, I'm tired and rambling). I have decided that my Tervigon will be based on another of my favourite things, a dinosaur skeleton:

Coupled to this, I've added legs, crushing claws and a head from a previous monstrous creature kit, plus an Alien Queen-style head-mantle which I moulded and carved from modelling clay (this was the fiddly but fun part). After that, it was just a matter of stuffing the hollow skeleton with papier-mache, and then basing the entire thing on a thin plasticard base.

Finally I base-coated the whole thing with grey car primer, and then set to work painting the theme in the colours of Hive Fleet Nemesis - that is, light blue inked with Asurman Blue, with purple armour plates and details. I will of course post pictures of the fully painted mummy-beast when she is finished!

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