Friday, 3 June 2011

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It's been a while but I'm finally ready to bring you another update from my painting table! I've recently settled on a list for the very imminent Blog Wars tournament and it included a unit of Sanguinary Guard which I have never played before. I have bought a box previously but I mixed them in with a box of Death Company bits to make an Honour Guard squad. So here we are with a relatively vanilla unit with a pretty much standard colour scheme.

Construction of the models was pretty straight forward with only the banner bearer giving me any trouble, firstly I had to carve the "Blood Angels" text off the scroll on the banner, then with the position of the arm I had to fiddle with the shoulder pad to ensure the jump pack wing would fit in on that side. Other-wise it's a really easy kit to put together and you can get some great poses out of the models.

In terms of the colour scheme I was going to go with a completely standard look but Mick commented last week that he liked the wings black as they were only primered when I first play-tested them last week. So I did a few layers of grey drybrushing on them then washed it all back down with Badab Black and I'm pretty happy with the out-come.

I also tried to do a white to blue glow effect on the Jump Pack engines to tie in with the blue eyes and power weapon glows. It didn't turn out perfect but I'm not unhappy with the result for a first attempt.

Anyway, enough of the preamble, take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. Only the banner is a WIP, the other models are finished.

Lastly a little close-up of the wings and the Jump Pack glow:


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous mate. Can't wait to see them at the weekend. The wings actually look metallic which is a very difficult effect to acheive without metallic paints. Loving the glow from the jump packs too. I've seen a post on FTW that shows how it's done and I've been wanting to try it but didn't dare. Have to catch up with you at Blog Wars about how difficult it is.

  2. The glow from the jump pack is cracking. Pleased you went with the black

  3. Cool painting mate. Good to see you posting more regularly again. And good luck with the Blog Wars. Go team C&F!!!

  4. They did indeed look absolutely brilliant in the flesh (as well as in the photo's of course).  The glow effect on the jump-packs is spot on.


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