Thursday, 30 June 2011

My club challenge list

So the first company vets club challenge is upon us with us all playing in it except for Gav.

We do however have some limitations on our list.
You can only fill up your FOC 1 round at a time, that means you have to have 1 elites, fast attack and heavy support and 2 before you can have a third.

Using that in mind I have gone for this

1 Rune priest with Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane
3 Wolf Guard with combi meltas and power fists 1 elite
1 lone wolf with mark of the wulfen and melta bombs 2 elite
2 7 man grey hunter squad with melta gun, mark of the wulfen and wolf standard
1 6 man squad with the same
1 6 man squad with mark of the wulfen and a flamer in a las plas
2 speeders with multi meltas and flamers fast attack 1 and 2
3 6 man long fang squads 5 missile launchers in each Heavy support 1,2 and 3

So really its just my normal list tailored down. The lone wolf is in there as a cheap second elite but when I played Graham with this list last week I found him to be quite effective killing a couple of squads of gaunts off and then going on to butcher a pair of Hive guard.

So for the club championship we have 5 rounds to seed players and then on to knock outs.
Graham is actually top of the standings with 2 losses and a win so 7 points. I'm on 5 points with 1 win and I'm playing two games today. 1 against another wolf army and another against a Dark Eldar army so hopefully I will do well.


  1. How did the Dark Eldar game go?

  2. Michael Simpson1 July 2011 at 09:40

    Won quite easily in the end. Got first turn, my army was a nasty army for dark eldar with only two vipers to play.


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