Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Arena of Death: Baharroth vs Fuegan

Welcome back to the Arena of Death. It's been a while. If you're new, the Arena of Death is where we pit special charaters against each other in a best of three fight to the death. We don't use mathammer but rather real dice rolls to determine the winner. For those who aren't new, sorry about the hiatus but work has been rather busy of late.

Anyway, we're in the middle of the Phoneix Lord cup at the minute. In the first preliminary round Jain Zar beat Maugan Ra for the right to face Asurman in the semi-final. Tonight, Karandras awais the winner of


Round 1 - Baharroth on the charge

Baharroth leveled his Haw's Talon and fired three times. Two shot hit but only one wounded which was easily saved by Fuegan's armour. Only two of Baharroth's attacks hit and only one of those wounded. Striking at the same time, Fugegan also hit twice but couldn't cause any wounds. Sensing hit oppourtunity, Baharroth hit with three out of his four attacks and wounded twice. With the last ounce of his strength Fugegan could only hit once, failing to wound. Baharroth has comfortably won round 1.

Round 2 - Fuegan on the charge

Fuegan fired hit Fire Pike. He hit his target but needed his Crack Shot ability to cause a wound after rolling a 1 initially. Two hits with hit Fire Axe led to a single wound leaving Baharroth on just one. Striking back he hit three time but cause just one wound. Fugegan was now pretty mad, he hit three times causing one wound. It was enough. Baharroth could only hit once in return and did no wounds leaving Fuegan the winner.

Round 3 - No charge bonus

The two initiative 7 characters struck as one. Fuegan hit three times and did two wounds. Baharroth struck back, hitting twice but just wounding once. Fuegan hit two more times, gettin the single wound he needed. Baharroth hit twice but could obnly wound once leaving Fuegan on just one wound - bloody but victorious.

Well, in the end the difference was the S5 power weapon. I think I said this after the last Arena of Death but these Phoenix Lords really need an invulnerable save.

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