Friday, 3 June 2011

2 good victories in a row

So Wednesday night I headed to Warhammer world to play gave and Njal with my blog wars list in what was a fairly comprehensive victory (sorry Gav) I certainly have a problem with getting three squads of long fangs into cover with good lanes of fire.

Gav had some serious bad luck (which I think was more down to the unbalanced claws and fists dice that we have) think he failed 4 or 5 morale checks with rolls of 11 which lead 2 squads to run off the table.

Bjorn again survived taking a decent amount of fire saving 2 strength 9 hits on his side armour from Njal on side armour with a 5+ save and shooting a accurate barge of plasma into Gav's long fangs. I wouldn't say he made his points back but he certainly gave Gav something else to think about. By the end Gav had only a squad of long fangs left while I still had plenty of the table.

Last night I used my new 1750 point list to take on Paul (who I played first game of open war) with his new dark eldar list which featured a couple of Talos' and a Cronos. Again I did well coming out with my first victory against Paul. We played kill points again. I won deployment however he seized the initiative. This caused the same problem for him as I had in the UK GT against Adam from the Space Wolves blog. He had set up very defensively and it meant he couldn't use his mobility to full effect.

We made a couple of mistakes in this game, mainly forgetting that the pain engines were monstrous creatures so that they wouldn't have got a cover save in area terrain which would have meant I put them down quicker.

The turning point of the game came when Paul charged through cover at a grey hunter squad with a Rune priest in forgetting that they had no grenades. I didn't roll one 2 or 3 and I caused 21 wounds from a 10 man squad, it was as good a round of combat as I've ever had.

Again I had some luck with him failing morale checks and legging it off the table but if you consistently make your opponent take checks eventually they will fail a couple.

All in all two successful games but I have seen before that if I have a good run up to a tournament I don't do as well however I'm going to put that thought aside being the good scientist I am and look forward to playing Grahams KHARN list (KHARN is always shouted in my head so always written in capitals) and then on to blog wars.

Really hoping that I can come up against a Grey knights list there just because I haven't played one before.

On a side note Open War Doubles tickets are on sale now here it on on the 16th and 17th of July both Fantasy and 40K. Open war events are always really good and Maelstrom is one of the best venues around. All 5 of us will be going, I'll be pairing up with Graham and his squats, Andy and Gav are teaming up and Darren will be going with his doubles partner Chris (I think) hope we can see you there.

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