Friday, 3 June 2011

Fine Craftmanship there ...

Rules question for the "cloud". If you have a unit containing models with multiple, identical master crafted weapons, for example TH SS Terminators in a Vulkan list or a unit of Sanguinary Guard, how do you handle the re-rolls from the Mastercrafted special rule? Do you roll each model's attacks separately, even though they are all identical, or do you roll all the attacks together and re-roll misses equal to the number of mastercrafted weapons in the unit?

At the moment I would ask my opponent how they want me to do it before the game but I'm not sure if there is a widely accepted way to handle this one. Though with the prevalence of "Nipple-Wing" and Vulkan armies at the moment I'd be surprised if this issue hasn't come up in a fair few situations before.

So good readers, what's your take on this one?


  1. Kenneth morley3 June 2011 at 10:14

    You have to roll for each models attacks individually. To prevent getting an unfair advantage from the master crafted weapons.

  2. This is correct. Which is why it is always good to carry multiple sets of dice!

  3. Venerable Brother3 June 2011 at 10:31

    What Kenneth said...otherwise you could gain unfair advantage...some models hit with all their attacks, some miss with all...end up rerolling 2 or 3 from one model in this case...not cool. Seperately or with diff dice sets...

  4. Yep, I usually roll my attacks with different coloured dice for each model. This way I know which one failed at least one attack and re-roll that. Sometimes a model might hit with all it's attacks and another could miss with more than one. If you rolled everything together you could make the mistake of rerolling more attacks than you are allowed to.

  5. always always roll each separately or with different coloured dice.  

  6. I'd always roll them all with different coloured dice and insist an opponent did the same.

    You need at least 5 different colours of dice to play the game in my opinion and I've often loaned dice to opponents if they only have a couple of colours. It also means you can roll attacks A LOT quicker. For example a grey hunters unit with rune priest. You need 3 colours, power weapon, wulfen, and regular and that's a fairly standard troop unit. Not to mention if you're directing a portion of those attacks at a special character or a second or even third unit in a multiple combat.

    I've personally got nearly a full spectrum of colours!

  7. It might seem redundant now but rolling separately for each guy is the only fair and correct way to do it. It's also the only I've seen it done at any of the tournaments where you meet Vulkan and TH/SS in a Land Raider(But how often has that happened).

    All in all I agree with the 5 posters before me.

  8. So tempting to start an Internet fight by disagreeing with everyone despite the fact they're right. Ah, I just can't do it. The right thing to do is roll each guy separately/use different colour dice for each guy.

    However, considering how well your Sanguinary Guard rolled last week, you didn't really need your re-rolls ;-)


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