Thursday, 9 June 2011

Know Your Rules - Preferred Enemy

I saw BroLo use this at Blog Wars over the weekend and it's not something I'd ever considered before...

As we all know, sometimes it's not always advantageous to win a combat on the turn you charge in. You can be left pissing in the wind as your opponent aims all of his big guns at you. However, the USR Preferred Enemy allows you to re-roll To Hit rolls. Obviously, you'd normally re-roll your misses but the way it's worded allows you to re-roll your hits should you so wish!

Clearly, there's a skill involved in judging when to try and miss and when to try and hit but I think this is definitely an interesting use of this rule.


  1. I think you meant it the other way round... normally you'd reroll your misses, but he rerolled his hits - to great effect.  Terminators tied in combat with a mortar team - hilarious (well not for me anyhow!)

  2. See! That's how good a tactic it was - completely confused me (doesn't take much!)

    Thank you for pointing out my rather crucial mistake - article amended now

  3. This is a well known tactic among 'competitive' BT players. A lot of people don't like it, but if you're facing your preferred enemy, you should be commanding combat, therefore you decide when it ends.

    See... effective AND fluffy.


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