Friday, 3 June 2011

Kharn-al Desires

So on Sunday it's the Blog Wars tournament, and I have returned to my old friends the Chaos Space Marines. My list features the unique character KHARN (got to be shouted) who I have used once before. My full list is:

HQ2 - Slaanesh Sorcerer with Lash, Wind of Chaos & a Familiar

EL - 4 x Terminators (2 x power weapons, 2 x chain fists)

TR - 8 x Berzerkers (including Champion with power weapon)
TR - 8 x Berzerkers (including Cgampion with power weapon)

HVY1 - Defiler
HVY2 - 3 x Obliterators
HVY3 - Predator with Daemonic Possession and Lascannon Sponsons

APC1 - Rhino with daemonic possession
APC2 - Rhino with daemonic possession
APC3 - Land Raider with Daemonic possession

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