Friday, 16 September 2011

Arena Of Death - Saint Celestine vs Commissar Yarrick

Why won't you die?!

If Yarrick dies, he gets back up on a 3+. If Celestine dies, she gets back up on a 4+. This could be the longest Arena of Death ever!

Round 1 - Saint Celestine on the charge

The living saint unleashed the flaming attack from the Ardent Blade at the Commissar. It automatically hit but failed to wound. With six attacks on the charge, she managed to hit with four. However, only one of those actually managed to wound. Striking back with his Power Klaw, Yarrick hit three times and wounded twice. Luckily for the saint, the Armour of Saint Katherine deflected both of the blows. In her anger, she could only hit twice but neither wounded. The Commissar scored a single hit but it did wound. Yet again, the Celestine's invulnerable save kept her alive. Again she struck and again she could only hit twice. One of her hits wounded but was deflected by Yarrick's Forcefield. Yarrick managed a single hit and a single wound and this time he put his opponent down. Unfortunately for her there was no Miraculous Intervention this time.

Round 2 - Commissar Yarrick on the charge

Yarrick levelled his Storm Bolter at his enemy and scored two hits. His Bale Eye was similarly successful. All three hits wounded and only two were saved - a Storm Bolter round taking a chunk out of the saint.  Through gritted teeth she hit four times but could only wound once. In retaliation, Yarrick hit twice and wounded once. Again, the Armour of Saint Katherine saved Celestine. This time, she did three hits and caused two wounds although one was stopped by the Forcefield. Yarrick, on his last legs, struck back and caused three hits. They all wounded and even though two were saved, the Saint was still put down. Needing a 4 to get back up, a 1 was promptly rolled

Wow, what an anti-climax. I thought we'd see lots of coming back from the dead zombie-style but obviously not. To be honest, I thought that the Saint would win if only because of her higher Initiative, lots of attacks and her invulnerable save. However, her lack of Eternal Warrior did for her as she got sliced in half by Yarrick's Power Klaw twice. Just goes to show; nothing's for certain in the Arena of Death...


  1. Ummm...perhaps you misunderstood Saint Celestine's 'Miraculous Intervention' rules?

    Unlike Commissar Yarrick's rule which states that you roll merely at the start of the NEXT I.G. player's turn, Celestine's rule states that you roll for her resurrection EACH SUBSEQUENT TURN...UNTIL SHE RETURNS (or the game ends)!

    This works in much the same way as Justicar Thawn for the Grey Knights.

    I think you'll find with this rule in effect she is much more effective.

  2. The problem I had in the Arena Of Death was; how many goes did I give her to get back up? Yes, in a real game she would have had more opportunities to return from the dead and, in hindsight, I should have given her more than one chance...

  3. I like the idea of The Old Man walking away victorious off into the distance, but in the near-ground we see Celestine clench her bloodied fist ... Like the chicken i'n Family Guy, she'll be back!

  4. Is he whistling, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead?


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