Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Dark Is Rising

In the low light, the four killers silently glided across the floor of the shrine. As the Incubi made their way down the adjacent corridor, they peeled off to their cells until only one remained. His hand reached for the button and the door smoothly opened to reveal a sparsely decorated room. There should have been four small lights, in each corner, lighting the room but only three were lit, leaving a dark shadow in the far corner. That would wait until morning, he had more important things to worry about now – cleaning his armour. He rested his Klavix against his bed and removed his helmet. As he turned to place it on the table in the middle of the room he caught sight of his own reflection in the blade of his weapon. He picked it up again and looked at himself, it was incredible, he looked at least 20 years younger than he had this morning. It had clearly been a very successful raid. He allowed himself a smile and turned back to his helmet. It was covered in the blood of innumerable Imperial Guardsmen, a testament to his talent with his weapon.

Suddenly something caught his eye. Out of the darkness, the barrel of a Blast Pistol was pointed at him. Even before the voice started, he knew exactly who it belonged to.

“Now, I don’t mind you selling information on me to other Archons. I don’t even mind you selling my slaves behind my back”

The voice was cool and calm and the Incubi could feel himself tensing as it continued.

“What I do mind is you stealing my plans for a realspace raid, selling those plans to one of my rivals and then going on the raid yourself”

The Incubi stood up, his arms outstretched. He opened his mouth to begin to explain but the Dark Light blast threw him backwards against the wall. He slumped forward onto the floor, dead.

The Archon stepped out of the shadow, removed a piece of parchment from his armour and drew a line on it. Had the Incubi still been alive, he would seen that the it was actually made from skin, a trophy taken from the former Archon, and it contained a revenge list. There were now just five names left on the list. The Archon walked out of the room, it was going to be a long night.

I hope you enjoy this little story. It was inspired by my desire to start a Dark Eldar army and also by the pre-credit scene in Casino Royale.


  1. If you are seriously looking to start De, I am selling a brand new, unpainted army (all new sculpts). Hit me up if you're interested ;)

    Great little story by the way, wishing black library would put out more stories about the dark kin. I am looking forward to the new series they're planning by Andy Chambers.

  2. I am interested but I got engaged not long ago and she would kill me if I start buying another army rather than saving for our wedding!

    Definitely looking forward to Andy Chambers coming back tho...


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