Sunday, 4 September 2011

I Predict a Waagghh

As Gav mentioned in his last post, we are entering the 40K doubles at Warhammer World next weekend. It's been a back and forth journey to get to a consensus on using double Orks but here we are. We're still discussing the list but here's what I wrote up as a first gambit.

List 1 - 874pts
Ghaz - 225
7x Lootas - 105
7x Lootas - 105
4x Meganobz - 215
(1x Kombi-Skorcha, 1x Kombi-Rokitt in Trukk w. Boarding Plank & Red Pain Job)
Gretchin - 40
(10x Gretchin, 1x Runtherd)
Stormboyz - 184
(11x Boyz, 1x Nob w. PK & BP)

List 2 - 875pts
Big Mek - 85
(Kustom Forcefield)
Shoota Boyz - 152
(16x Boyz in 1x Rokitt, 1x Nob w. PK&BP)
Shoota Boyz - 158
(17x Boyz in 1x Rokitt, 1x Nob w. PK&BP)
Deffkopta - 70
(TL Rokitt & Buzzsaw)
Battle Wagon - 130
(Big Shoota, Armour Plates, Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job)
Battle Wagon - 130
(Big Shoota, Armour Plates, Deff Rolla, Red Paint Job)
Killer Kans - 150
(3x Rokitt Launchers)

As I understand it the majority of the missions require the lists to be able to operate individually at opposite ends of the board as well as together so I've tried to take what I would consider to be a viable 1750pt list that works as a whole and split it such that each half can be balanced in it's approach and is relatively self-supporting.

List 1 has a fast moving assault hammer in the form of the Stormboyz and Ghaz + Meganobs in their Trukk, it also has significant fire support with two units of Lootas. Finally the Grots are able to score, as are the Meganobz but that's more of a bonus feature than what I'd intend for them to achieve as a core use.

List 2 has fast, durable assault capability in the form of the two KFF'd Battle Wagons full of Boyz, who also provide a pretty reliable scoring element in this list. Fire support comes primarily from the Killer Kans but the Deffkopta is going to get a shot or two off. The Deff Kopta is also a useful distraction unit and the Kans may get the opportunity to throw their S10 attacks about a bit in assault.

I think both lists are pretty well balanced with units that are nearly all capable of full-filing multiple roles. There's room for tweaking particularly with regards to the Lootas as they may not be best suited to the missions we'll be playing, I also have a 30-man Slugga Boyz squad that would like to be added in somewhere.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates next week, also due for updates next week is the painting progress on Ghaz, here is as photographed at about 8pm this evening.

As I type, he has been sprayed black and drybrushed with Boltgun Metal and Mithrill Silver. Still plenty of time to complete him before next weekend!

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  1.  'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!


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