Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What I dun on my olidayz

By Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Me an' me bestest Nobz went fightin'. First we fought sum Orkz and oomies but da Orkz were on bikez so we couldn't katch 'em. Da oomies blew up me Trukk so we went killin' them instead. First up I killed sum guy wiv a red 'eadband called Rambo or summat. Den some ova oomies tried to shoot us with melta gunz so I Waaarghed at 'em and then we killed 'em and dere flyin' machine. Den we fought sum emo Elfs an' killed some jetbikez an' 19 incubyez an' there main boss Elf an' some beastz an' dere handler an' a pain engine fingy an' a flyin' transport fing. Den we fought sum more Orkz an' dere Kaos Spesh Marine matez. We killed a couple a Trukks and a Battlewaggon wot hadn't moved yet and den we killed loadza da Orkz inside. Dat'll teach 'em! Den we fought sum Spesh Marinez and I killed some guyz in posh armur who 'ad ammerz and shiedz. Den we fought some Eldar an' we killed loadza Warlockz and I killed some guy called Eldrad. I don't fink he liked playin' wiv me Power Klaw. I 'ad a grate time but me Nobz kept dyin'. Stoopid Nobz! Heh heh! No one kud kill Ghazghkull tho cuz I iz da prophet of da Waaargh!!

Translation - Ghaz was very, very killy at the GW doubles.

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  1. Absolutely genius! Though when did Ghazhghkull Thraka become a member of our blog?

    (And how come he's already posted more than me in September...?!)


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